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The reason for their failure in many cases is a lack of funding. If a business starts out with hundreds-of-thousands of dollars available to them, they then stand a much greater chance of succeeding.


When businesses don’t have funding to help them get started, they then use the personal assets and cash of the business owner and or profits to grow.


This is why almost every business owner you speak with will attest that having money to help start or grow their business is very important to the success of the business.

But today lenders are not eager to give business owners access to money. Even when the business meets all the lending requirements, many conventional banks still don’t lend money and don’t tell the applicant the reason why they won’t lend, they simply tell them “NO”.

This has made it progressively harder through the years for business owners to access the money they want and need to start and grow their businesses. Most business owners only go to their own bank when they need money, and if that bank says “no” they have nowhere else to go.

The Problem //
image 01 business failures
image 01 business failures

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image 01 business failures
image 01 business failures

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The Solution //

The Business Finance Suite offers clients access to virtually every legitimate funding option that is available today.


Many of the funding options available are not offered through conventional banks, and are not programs that most people are even familiar with or would be able to find on their own.


The  Business Finance Suite opens the funding door for businesses and gives them unprecedented access to money, even if they are a startup business or if the business owner has personal credit problems.


The Business Finance Suite solves the difficult issue most business owners face when needing access to cash and puts the owner in touch with credit and funding for their business.


On this website we will walk through the Business Finance Suite to insure you are comfortable with the system.


You will learn about the steps involved with business credit and funding, learn about the types of funding that are available, and you will learn about the benefits of the Business Finance Suite.

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It is said that almost 50% of new businesses fail in their first 2 years.

The Business Finance Suite solves this problem!


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What others are saying...

I was quickly approved for business financing and was able to get money to start my new franchise.

Thanks for the help!

Adam Thomas,

Salt Lake City, UT

You’re the best! You got me approved for funding even when my personal bank turned me down due to bad personal credit.

                             Dorothy Lowell,

                          San Luis Obispo, CA